How to create your account on Atmosfero

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In this post we will cover how to manage your cloud in Atmosfero. For this, we assume that you already have an account with Amazon AWS. If not, you can easily create one by visiting here.

In the administration console of Amazon AWS, visit the AMI service (Identity and Access Management). From the main menu (left) go to “Users”. Click “Create New Users”. Create a user “atmosfero”. Please note: download the credentials! After this, click close and return the user list screen.

After creating the user, click it in the list. In the “Permissions” tab, click the “Attach Policy” button. Choose “AdministratorAccess” option if you prefer to use the search filter to find easily. Select the option and click “Attach Policy”. Ready, all set in the Amazon.

Make sign in Atmosfero. In the left menu go to “Clouds” and click “Add New”. You know that downloaded file to create the Amazon account? We’ll need him now. Open it please.

Follow the steps:

In Atmosfero, choose the type of cloud like AWS and give a description to it;
In the “Access Key” copy the contents of the “Access Key Id”;
In the “Password Key” copy the “Secret Access Key”;
Now and just finished saving the order.
Ready your cloud was added to Atmosfero! On the same screen there is now a list of what your organization’s users have access to account management. If you are in this group, you can access it by “Access” button.

You can now use all available resources as contracted plan. We suggest to check the tutorials available on features and import your instances.

Doubts? Our chat is available always for you. Contact us and we will be happy to help you reduce your costs with your cloud.

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