Atmosfero News June 2017

Hi, how are you? We glad to present you some great news in Atmosfero that will help you to reduce your costs on the Cloud.

Let’s go?

RDS Start and Stop

Now it’s possible to perform database (RDS) start / stop. And more, you can already create automations with Atmosfero to take advantage of functionality and reduce your costs.

For example: you can program the start of your database at 8am and turn off at 6pm, not being charged for the idle period of the database.

As long as your instance remains stopped, you will only be charged for provisioned storage, and your automatic backups will continue to run normally.

When you need to restart the instance, your settings remain the same, including the access endpoint, configuration group, security group, and optional groups.

Keep in mind that it is only possible to remain with the instance stopped up to 7 days. After this period of inactivity, AWS will turn it on automatically.

Partnership Atmosfero & AWS

Now Atmosfero is AWS Technology Partner!

What does that mean? Greater value-added, reliability, proficiency and efficiency we are pleased to assist you with the best cloud solutions.

We are constantly improving our product and team to serve you the best way.


And, as usual, we care a lot about your experience with Atmosfero and the Cloud universe.

We love the result of this release and look forward to hearing from you!

Is there any other feature you would very much like to have in Atmosfero?

Do not hesitate to tell us, we want to help you the best way possible!

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